The Formation

The religious formation is the bringing to birth of a new personality which was conceived in Baptism and now shaped and fashioned to respond to the particular  mode of Christian vocation. It is to assist the young religious to grow in a  personal love for Christ and a deepening sense of Christian Community.Here they get a chance to continuously mould their personality to become good and devout religious, with strong faith and high dedication to the religious life.

The Formation Program of our Congregation consists of one to three years of aspirancy (completion of Plus 2) one year Pre-Novitiate, one year Canonical Novitiate, one year Regency (time for community experience) and five to six years of Temporary Vows. Under the guidance of  the formation team, the new religious grows in a deeper understanding and appreciation of her vocation, the vows, the Christ   life, and the Franciscan spirit.

Admission of Candidates: Candidates, who are in communion with the Church and are able to realize the basic goals of our community and in whom signs of vocation are seen, may be received as aspirants by the Superior General/Provincial/Regional Superior.

Eligibility:  Candidates who possess the following qualifications are selected as Aspirants:

                 * has completed 15 years before admission and  have completed S.S.L.C
                 * enjoys a good reputation among those especially who know her well.
                 * has the required physical, intellectual and moral stability and aptitude for the   
                    Particular way of life and apostolate of the Congregation.
                 * is motivated by right intention.
                 * Ability to fulfill the duties of a Franciscan religious.