Many of our sisters are dedicated to the service of the sick and the suffering. Loka Rakshaka Hospital is a Congregational hospital at Thevelakkara, Kollam.  Kristu Jayanthi School of Nursing is also functioning along with the hospital.  Assisi Hospital ,  Channapetta, Kollam is another hospital of the Congregation in Kerala. Auxiliary Nursing and midwifery is also functioning along with this hospital.

Vimalalaya Hospital , Electronic city in Karnataka state, Jyothi Hospital , Charoda in Chattisgarh state are famous hospitals of our Congregation. Besides, at Santhavasal and Chengum in Tamil Nadu, Korba in Chattisgarh, Baghela, Purnea and Banmankhi  in Bihar, Bavel in Haryana we run dispensaries.

Some of our sisters are rendering selfless service in other Management hospitals viz. Bishop Benziger Hospital at Kollam , India .  Istituto San Giovanni Di Dio, Genzani Di Roma , Italy , St. Francis Hospital at Indianapolis in Indiana , USA ,St. Franziskus Kranken Haus at Aachen in Germany .

By our self sacrificing and loving service we try to bear witness to the sympathetic and merciful love Jesus had for the poor, the sick and the suffering. We always keep in mind that the sick desire not only physical care but also moral support, personal attention, kindness and consideration. We achieve our apostolic aim by our active service as well as by our prayer and penance.  We begin our daily work only after active participation in Daily Mass, Liturgical hours, Adoration, Rosary etc.

A palliative care centre is functioning adjoining to our hospital at Thevelakkara. It helps to provide palliative therapy for the critically ill patients specially cancer patients. It also helps to provide psychological and spiritual support during their last stage of life and alleviate financial burden of the family. It helps to provide medical facilities feasible for the poor and down trodden. In short, Palliative care offers an integral assistance and furnishes the incurably ill with human support and spiritual guidance they greatly need.