Our Treasure

THE TREASURE OF OUR CONGREGATION is the group of our senior sisters who toiled hard for the growth of the Congregation.  No doubt, we can smell their sweat and blood behind every material and spiritual progress and development of our Congregation. Some of our elderly sisters are still active even in their old age and carry out responsible works. The rest are inactive bodily, but they prop up the Congregation by their continuous prayer and sacrifice. They are residing in Perpetual Succor Convent, Kottiyam, retirement residence for sisters of our Congregation.  It is rightly called that they are the power house of our Congregation, for they strengthen the active members by their prayer and sacrifices.
“Childhood and youth are the times when the human person is being formed and is completely directed towards the future, and — in coming to appreciate his own abilities — makes plans for adulthood, old age is not without its own benefits. As Saint Jerome observes, with the quieting of the passions, it “increases wisdom, and brings more mature counsels”. In a certain sense, it is the season for that wisdom which generally comes from experience, since time is a great teacher”. The prayer of the Psalmist is well known: “Teach us to number our days aright, that we may gain wisdom of heart” (Ps 90:12).

“ Grant, O Lord of life, that we may be ever vividly aware of this and that we may savor every season of our lives as a gift filled with promise for the future.”