Social Works

Our sisters involve in a variety of social works according to the needs of time and place.  It is mainly intended to help the less privileged young ladies who turn to be the bread winner of families.

Stabilizer assembling units are the main technical institutions where more than three hundred ladies earn their livelihood. Presently we have four Stabilizer assembling units, two in Kerala at  Kollam and Alleppey and two in Karnataka at Electronic city and Byrathy.

We have two tailoring and garment making units, one in Kerala another in Tamil Nadu.  In Vimala Hridaya Garment making unit, readymade uniforms are stitched and distributed to all schools owned by the Congregation. Through this social center many unemployed ladies earn their livelihood.

Homes for the aged and destitute is another social activity carried out by our sisters. Assisi Vinayalaya, Kottiyam, is a Home for the aged. More than fifty aged destitute are cared here.

Assisi Bhavan, Kottiyam and FIH Santhi Bhavan, Edacochin are the boarding homes for the aged in Kerala.

Casa Serena, Casa Accoglienza are the two homes for the aged at Florenze in Italy, St. Elizabeth Haus at Berlin , Martin Altenzentrum at Hagen , Franziskus Seniorenzentrum at Wuersel and St. Elizabeth Altenheim at Frechen are the homes for the aged  in  Germany, where our sisters render service.

The sisters of our Congregation run many orphanages for girls

     1. St. Margaret's Balika Sadanam, Kanjiracode, Kollam,
     2. P.S. Balika Sadanam,  Kottiyam, Kollam,
     3. St. Mary's Balika Bhavan, Thirumullavaram, Kollam,
     4. Christ King Balika Sadanam, Punalur,
     5. Nirmala Bhavan, Kavalangad, Kothamangalam,
     6. St. Jude Balikasadanam, Viraly, Trivandrum  are the  six orphanages of our Congregation in Kerala.  More than 500 girls are taken care in these orphanages.

  St. Antony’s orphanage, Santhavasal in Tamil Nadu, Amala orphanage, Purnea, Vimla Hridya orphanage, Bagela, Vimla Hridya orphanage, Banmankhi in Bihar state and Nirmal gram orphanage, Korba in Chattisgarh  are the five orphanages  for girls in other states of India .  More than 400 orphans are looked after in these orphanages.  Our Social services include house visiting, slums visiting, prison ministry.

Running a School for the mentally handicapped is an outstanding service done by the sisters of our Congregation. Vimala Hridaya Special School for the mentally challenged

is located at Pazhayattinkuzhi, Pallimukku, Kollam. It  was blessed and Inaugurated on the 1st of the May 1995. Vimala Hridaya special school is a day care school with junior senior wings. The institution which was started with 10 students and 2 sisters is now having the strength of about 75 students and four staff.   Sr. Litty Mary’s service in this field is commendable.  The once invalid and problem creating children are making the best use of their time under the able guidance of Sr. Litty Mary. Candles of various colors and types, Christmas cards, envelop and other useful handicraft items are manufactured by them and are very much appreciated by one and all. They also spent their leisure time for growing gardens both vegetable and flower.  Beautifying garden is one of their leisure time activities.   To learn more about special school please visit

We cannot ignore another commendable service that is being carried out by the Congregation. We shelter unwed mothers and abandoned children. Our main role in this field is helping children whose parents are not there for them to care, love and foster. Presently 11 children who were once left to be dead are growing happily under our care.  They are all sponsored by kind hearted persons. Sponsors show great interest in their all round development. Thirteen other infants had been already handed over to organizations that have registration for adoption. They are all growing in some safe places.

Karmel Hostel, Pattathanam, Kollam is a women’s hostel owned and managed by the Congregation. It is mainly for the students of Fatima Mata National College and Vimala Hridaya Higher Secondary School . FIH Santhi Bhavanis another hostel for women at Edacochin.  One of our sisters is working as Educational Secretary in Quilon Bishop’s house.

Our sisters’ service at St. Joseph ’s Priest Home, Kottiyam is a worth mentioning social work and we have been doing service since 28 years.